Goal for the next 12 months

In order to achieve my goal of becoming an internet entrepreneur, I have to have a plan. So what is my plan? I’ll tell you. I plan to develop all the domains I have been sitting on over the last year or so. One domain at a time! My focus for the last couple of months has been on acquiring domains to monetize them to pay for my growing collection, and while I will continue to purchase domains for domaining I would like to shift my focus to building sites that people will find useful. I will make an attempt to build at least one simple site a month or a complex site every two month. A simple site will be anything from a niche site, blog, or directory, but not a one page site. The complex sites will be a forums or ecommerce sites. While some internet entrepreneur might be able to accomplish my goal in a couple of months if not weeks, I would like to allow for time for the websites I currently operate, as well as my full-time job. I will hopefully be able to write about the progress of each site while it is in development, as well as once it is launched. So check back often.

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I am a thirty something Canadian who enjoys learning about technology, even if I do not always put that knowledge to good use. I am dyslexic, which just means that I learn differently from the norm. While Dyslexia has been labeled is a disability, I have chosen not to think of it as such. To me I just learn differently, and since no two people learn exactly the same way, it just mean that I learn differently. Since I have been asked this question dozens of time, I will answer it before you ask. No I do not see things backwards. Even if I did, how would I know since I would have always seen things backwards. Something for you to think about.

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