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I am sure that my story is not that different from a lot of other people out there. I am a regular Joe working a "9 to 5" job who realizes that there has to be more to life then just the "9 to 5". The thought that there might be something better is what motivates me to seek out different ways to earn an income. Being a computer programmer by trade, it is only natural that I would seek out my fortune online.

I am also dyslexic, which boils down to the fact that I learn differently from the norm. While Dyslexia has been labeled a disability, I have chosen not to think of it as such. To me I just learn differently. Sometime faster, sometime slower, but since we all learn at different rate I do not see this as a disadvantage. One of the first questions I get asked about being dyslexic is if I see things backwards. To which I always respond, "No I do not see things backwards, and even if I did, how would I know since I would have always seen things backwards?" Something to think about.

Oh, and I have a bit of that "vision thing". More to come later....

Disclaimer: Please note that this is my personal site and that the views expressed here are not those of my employer, the guy/girl next door or even the Pope. They are my own.

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I am starting to think the last forum I setup was a mistake in more ways then one.  I offered to take it over after it had been hacked a couple of months back, not realizing that one of the moderators had setup his own forum in the meantime and had used the Private messaging system to broadcast the fact that the site was hacked and that everyone should move to the new forum…his forum.  So after spending a couple weeks recovering the forum, converting it from phpbbs to Vbulletin, and customizing the skin, it is basically a ghost forum and worst yet, I have lost interest in maintaining it.  While I am currently into the forum for less then $400.00, the good news is that I can use the licenses I purchased to start a different forum or sell them if I shut it down.  The only really loss will be the time I spent in getting the site back online.  A major cost, but one I am prepared to live with at this point rather then put more time into the project.  Time I could better spent on other projects.

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