I am a thirty forty Fifty something Canadian who enjoys learning, even if I do not always put that knowledge to good use.  While it has been said that I am  dyslexic, to me it just boils down to the fact that I learn differently from the norm. While dyslexia has been labeled is a disability, I have chosen not to think of it as such. To me I just learn differently then the next Joe. We all learn at different rate, and since I have been asked this question dozens of time, I will answer it before you ask. No I do not see things backwards. Even if I did, how would I know since I would have always seen things backwards? Gives you something to think about doesn’t it.

Oh, and I have a bit of that “vision thing”. More to come later….

Disclaimer : Please note that this is my personal site and that the views expressed here are not those of my employer, the Pope, or even the person next door. They are my own.

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