Category: Niche Websites

  • Directory Startup Costs

    So after reading my last post you are ready to create your own directory but are wondering about the costs.  Well I will tell you.  There are really two types of costs to a directory site.  The upfront costs and the ongoing costs.  The upfront cost includes things like the cost of the script and […]

  • First Directory

    It is really amazing how fast time flies. It has already been over a month since I set my goal of creating at least one site a month for the next twelve months, and I am happy to say that the first site is live. While I was planning on creating a car-related site for […]

  • Simple Niche Websites

    So now that I have set a goal of building at least a site every second month, I figure I would start off slow.  I acquired a domain for a car prototype that I would like to build into an information site.   The car was never mass-produced, and only the prototypes, were ever built.  There […]