First Directory

It is really amazing how fast time flies. It has already been over a month since I set my goal of creating at least one site a month for the next twelve months, and I am happy to say that the first site is live. While I was planning on creating a car-related site for one of the domains I owned, I decided that it would be better to set up a directory site instead.

The site is a directory of related sites for a niche I am already involved in and is closely related to one of my e-commerce stores. As I mentioned before, I seem to have accumulated quite a few hobby-related domains, and I thought this would be a good way to monetize one of them. While I am not expecting it to take off right away, I think that as time goes on it Will get more and more sites listed and the revenue it generates from advertising will grow. For the first couple of months, the site will show mostly Adsense since it will be hard to attract advertisers to the site while it is still stuck in Google’s sandbox. Once it is listed in the search engines, I should better be able to monetize the site.

I looked at a couple of different directory scripts before I decided to go with a directory script programmed by Simon over at The more I looked over the script the more I liked it. It had all the features I was looking for, and at $49.99 for a single site, the price was right. Even better was the fact that they offer an unlimited version for an extra hundred bucks. There is even a free version that is worth checking out if you want to try it before you buy. So if you are planning on building a lot of directory sites, this script is worth checking out.







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