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As I mentioned in my last post, there have been a number of articles written in the mainstream press about domainers. The article in Business 2.0, “Masters of their Domains” shined a light on the domain market, and how people are using domains as a passive stream of income. Quotes like:

…it’s all about the income stream. A single good domain name–,,–can bring in hundreds of dollars a day, in some cases while the owner hardly lifts a finger. Schwartz, for instance, directs his traffic to one of the many small companies that serve as go-betweens with Google and Yahoo, the two giants that make this all possible. The middlemen, known as aggregators, do all the heavy lifting, designing the sites and tapping into one or the other of the search engines’ advertising networks to add the best-paying links.

Sounds easy right? Wrong! While it might be nice to make some easy money, good domains are getting harder and harder to come by. I am not saying that they are impossible to find, it is just that the days of registering great keyword domains with a .com extension off the top of your head for the price of the registration fee seem to be a thing of the past. Most are now picked up on the drop, or thru private sales. This means that each domain you are looking at picking up has to be evaluated as to its revenue potential before you make an offer or place a backorder. This can be very time-consuming, and unless you have deep pockets there is a good chance that someone who is willing to pay more will grab the domains you are after, but don’t let that discourage you from learning more. Domaining can definitely create a stream of income.

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